Ali Al Mimar was born in Baghdad in 1965, he was graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad in 1985 and College of Fine Arts, Baghdad in 1991. He was the first with distinction in his division. He obtained Fa’ik Hassan’s Golden Medal for painting in (Youth Festival - 1985) where that was the real start for him as an artist.

He was supervised under the Iraqi Pioneer Artist (Fa'ik Hassan) and he was special since 1987 and because he was so close to his teacher he got the impression and admired the horses and from there he interred the world of painting Arabian horses and became one of the most significant Arabian horses artists.

In my work, I have always tried to reach beyond the physical beauty of the Arabian horse (which I’m distinctive in) and what it symbolizes of infinite nobility and manners in our Arabic heritage culture.

My paintings were showing parts of human stories in a dramatic weather filled sometimes with deliriums and other times with tranquility, living in an illumination to look more like a theater or a stage. In other periods, magical reality –which is filled with legendary weather- has played a chief role in my work. All of that were moving in man's space who is the subject matter of my paintings whether in classical or symbolic or abstract expressive ways. All leaded to pieces containing meanings of pride, human pain and silent whinny embodied in them. Till now, I am still working on this concept which has started to move away from the direct meaning to a space of freedom in expressing by colors and techniques.

(I am drawing nobility and knighthood in a time when all the values of knighthood are lost.)