Exhalation of the Desert

Ali has shown the artist within, during the constitution of this tableau through this magnificent work of masterpiece. His work was bold and full of contrast. Found safe, dreamy and sometimes we find magic of dance with the Charming of the desert by its tranquility mobile and other times we find enamored of wooing among them.

He was one of the most recognized leading painters over the years during his long experience in the field of specialization in the illustration of Arab horse, which stretched to nearly more than 25 years. The meeting of many marvelous artistic techniques: his innovative approach, explosive creativity, dramatic use of color sources to illuminate his subject and use of the brush are bound to result in something extraordinary.

This tableau is painted using the finest oil paintings on canvas measuring 1 × 5,20 meters. The implementation of this work has been done under the supervision of the artist himself and the size of a large measuring 28 × 5 m. The artist has done a masterly work of capturing the delightful ambience of the desert by choosing valued material and high quality of the foundation which is the excerpts from the volcanic stone polished carefully, which forms a unique platform of glass like colored material.

The magnificent Tableau is so widely recognized, and sought out by many visitors at Terminal 1, after the artist has been commissioned to carry out what he has been asked from the Department of the Dubai International Airport in 2000.

It is difficult to form a correct idea of a desert in the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula, without having seen one. The desert itself invokes images of a vast expanse, where he/she may commune with the higher power and forces of nature as it has wonderful characteristics involving aroma, and exhalation.

That is why the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates were most significantly cautious in picking the unique description of a desert that is consistently held to be infinite, stimulating and eternal freedom by which represent their rich cultural heritage.

Ali Al-mimar was selected for his unique uncanny artistic talent. His choice for the Arabian horse carries all the aesthetic qualities and meanings as the title for the equestrian, strength, magnanimity and patience with using different theories, techniques, and ideas that brought him universal renown, making him one of the best-known artistic figures in 20th and 21th century's art.

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